We are committed to making a measurable difference to the future of South Africa.

We believe that the creation of new enterprise, and the growth of existing business are fundamental to this future.

We are focused on helping companies, big and small, to deliver on its full potential.

We believe in profits through principles and value through values.

We adopt a people first approach. Always.


When she was very little, she struggled to pronounce words, but that did not stop her from creating her own language. Words like ‘video’ conveniently became ‘billybo’.

“I want to watch a billybo daddy!”, she would often shriek with curious delight.

She loved asking questions about everything: “What’s this?, how does it work?, why?, why not?”

Over the years her natural curiosity grew. She began understanding the value of context. She also realised that seeking the talents of others could help her answer questions and get stuff done better, faster and smarter.

Today The Billybo Group finds its inspiration from this little girl’s confidence. Just like her, to keep asking questions until, “aha!”, something really cool happens – a problem is solved, an opportunity is realised and most importantly, someone is happy.


We operate at the value intersection of big management consultancies and marketing agencies. Here we get stuff done with impact – quickly and cost effectively.

Being a virtual network of experienced professionals allow us to deliver value without the corporate burden of overheads and long lead times.


We blend the art and science of strategy, brands and people into a single, cohesive solution that adds sustainable and measurable value to unique business challenges.

“Strategy is a bridge of decisions between a company's purpose and its performance.” - Mike Joubert
“People build brands like birds build nests, from the sticks and straws they chance upon.”
- Jeremy Bullmore
“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”
- Zig Ziglar


With over 30 years experience, he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

He started his career at the University of Pretoria where he was chairman of the Central Rag Committee, chairman of the Student Representative Council and chairperson of the National Rag Organisation of South Africa.

Armed with a MBA from the University of Stellenbosch, he gained further valuable experience at various great companies which included The Corporate Consulting Group, Computicket, Ogilvy & Mather RSTM, Gilbeys, Diageo and Levi Strauss & Company in SA and in Europe. Upon returning to South Africa, he founded The BrandsRock Group, a successful through-the-line brand solutions company and 5 years later his entrepreneurial adventure was rewarded when it was acquired by the Publicis Groupe to become Saatchi & Saatchi BrandsRock. Here he remained involved as Chief Inspiration Officer and as Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa until March 2017.

Mike has served on numerous boards during his career and is currently Chairman for Society For Family Health, Board member of the Cape Town Fashion Council, Board Member of Quicket and a trustee of WWF South Africa.

In 2006 he was awarded “South African Marketing Person of the Year” at the Sunday Times Marketing Excellence Awards.

In 2017 he founded The Billybo Group where he now thrives in using his experience to curate value for other businesses. As someone once said – “If your brand has a soundtrack, Mike will find it and play it really loud.”